Trickjump related terms and abbreviations

Term - a word or expression used for some particular thing.
Abbreviation - a shortened form of a word or phrase.

Trickjump (tj) - The art of jumping.
Circle Jump (cj) - The starting jump, aka when you stand still, and start running and move your mouse and then jump and try to reach the next pillar.
Overjump (oj) - Means jumping further than you're supposed to and thereby missing the pillar (jumping too far).
Pillar - The things you jump on! e.g. in mrmen_gamma_final each of the "blocks" you see there are pillars.
Ramp - Like this.
Gamma, Strafejumps, etc - basically custom jumps with pillars of some sort which you jump on, where the goal is to reach the next pillar and the next until the last pillar (aka the end) :P
Realjumps - (in ET) Jumps taken out of stock and custom maps made for fragging. E.g. oasis walljump :P
Fullbeat (fb) - The general trickjumping technique, e.g. keys WA \ WD.
Halfbeat (hb) - "One-sided fullbeat", e.g. keys WA \ D.
Inverted - Inverted fullbeat, e.g. keys A \ D.
Dualbeat (db) - (my logic, zero's term:P) Aka "W only" and so forth, this style has not really had a proper name, until now. Pretty much double the "beat" of fullbeat. E.g. keys W.
Wallstrafe (ws) - Jumping technique where you jump along a wall to gain speed.
Singlebeat (sb) - Switching on every pillar.
Doublebeat - Switching for every other pillar.
Overbounce (ob) - (normal \ horizontal overbounce) "Bug" that enables you to get a certain boost when jumping\falling from specific heights.
Vertical Overbounce (vob) - Same as overbounce, only you fly upwards. In ET you generally have to use +strafe for this to work.
Sticky Overbounce (sob) - "Bug" where you have to get a "sticky overbounce" which you then have to "carry" to enable overbouncing at certain heights where you would not normally be able to overbounce. There are "normal" overbounce heights and sticky overbounce heights. (Not too relevant as far as ET goes)
Rampbug (rb) - Basically an overbounce on a ramp, which gives you an extra boost. Random bug.
Icebug - In ET, icebug essentially means an overbounce on ice where you'd not normally be able to overbounce. Usually caused by saveload (sob effect) or jumping form a non-flat surface, practically random. Also applies to non-ice surfaces. (e.g. nejijump5_b5 axis part 2 jump 3, first pillar is overbounceable.) Keep in mind that the "correct" term for icebugs (and on non-ice) is normally Sticky overbounce, but since its a bug in ET the icebug term has come into existence.
Rocketjumps (rj) (\ Panzerjumps) - Jumps done with rockets (or panzerfaust in ET).
Nadejumps - Jumps done with the use of grenades (in ET)
Strafe - Moving from side to side. Generally in TJ meaning side to side movement with mouse, but also means moving to one side or the other, or as in e.g. this. Strafe is also used quite often as an expression for "Fullbeat", while actually all the trickjumping techniques involve strafing.
Beat - As in fullBEAT. Example definitions:
"move with a thrashing motion; "The bird flapped its wings"; "The eagle beat its wings and soared high into the sky"
"move rhythmically; "Her heart was beating fast""
Too wide - Moving the mouse wider than you should (wider than optimal angle).
Too narrow - Not moving the mouse as wide as you should (narrower than optimal angle).
Config - Text configuration file (.cfg) containing user settings, binds, and anything else.
Console - Press ~ (tidle key), or key above TAB in some cases, or just feel your way until you get a dark gray thingy that drops down from top of screen. Used to enter game commands and alike.