Fullbeat Tutorial

Fullbeat, also known as FB and Strafe is the fundamental trickjumping technique. You should learn fullbeat before learning any of the other styles.


When you jump fullbeat, you press W + A when moving left with your mouse, and W + D when moving to the right.

WASD layout: W = Move forward, D = Move right, A = Move left, S = Move backwards

Read the following points above the video, and then watch it. If it doesn't make too much sense to you now, it will hopefully become clearer when you start watching the video!

You should ALWAYS move your mouse, even if the movement is so small that you almost can't see it. Mouse movement is what creates speed. You can't gain speed without moving your mouse, and moving your mouse wrong will either give you much less than optimal speed or actually slow you down.
Moving your mouse, without holding any keys, will not give you speed.
Holding the 'correct' keys, without moving your mouse, will not give you speed.
If you STOP moving your mouse while jumping, while still hold the correct keys, your speed will remain static. In other words, your speed won't increase, but it won't decrease either.
Releasing all keys while jumping will decrease your speed.
Pressing the opposite keys while jumping (e.g. S instead of W) will rapidly decrease your speed
If you move your mouse the wrong way, while still holding the correct keys, you will lose speed!
If you move your mouse (slowly) the correct way, while still holding the correct keys, you will GAIN speed. So this is what you should try to do.
When holding W+A, the correct way (direction) to move your mouse, is to the LEFT
When holding W+D, the correct way (direction) to move your mouse, is to the RIGHT
ONLY horizontal (sideways) mouse movements makes a difference. Vertical (up and down) movements have no actual effect. (This is a 100% fact!)
Some people have excessive vertical mouse movements. This can be either a personal quirk, or that they move up and down because it gives them better results (read below if u want to know why) or because they simply believe that vertical movement in itself gives more speed, which it doesn't.

(Naturally, no one can have 100% horizontal movements normally,
so there is always some vertical movment as well.)
I recommend watching the video until you reach 'Tip (1)' before you read below.

Mouse movement

Now I'll explain a bit about optimal mouse movements in fullbeat.
First a little clarification.

Switching: When you jump, and change keys from W+A to W+D and move your mouse to the right, or the other way around.
Optimally, the switch itself should be instant!

The angle of your switch INCREASES as you gain more speed. This is very important. If you do not increase the angle and keep jumping with a narrow angle, you will do good to begin with, but as you gain more speed, you will gain far less or no speed at all compared to what you would if you had increased the angle.
And vice versa, if you start jumping with a wide angle, you will gain far less than optimal speed, because at the start you usually have low speed, and then you need a narrow angle when you switch. To clarify:

A narrow angle will give you a good start, but as you gain more speed, the narrow angle wont keep the speed coming. In other words, you'll fail at non-easy jumps.
A wide angle will give you a start which at many jumps wont even get you to the second pillar.

So to clarify even more, you need to start with a NARROW angle, and gradually make it wider!
The two mistake examples from zerojumps_b1 shows this, take a look at it now if you haven't already!

I recommend watching the video until you reach 'Tip (2)' before you read below.


Since lots of people are having a hard time at this, I included airstrafe in the tutorial as well, though it's really just about having a decent technique!

Airstrafe, is when you have high height differences between pillars. There is no direct 'trick' or 'solution' to airstrafing. It's all about having a proper technique, and also it's very important to remember to KEEP MOVING YOUR MOUSE.

Most people new to airstrafing don't have an understanding of how fullbeat works (regarding the angle / speed mainly), so they try to jump it like it would be a normal jump with low height difference. This results in that they stop gaining speed about mid-air. This happens mainly because of two reasons.

First reason is that they stop moving the mouse, or move it too fast or slow.
Second reason is that they don't increase the angle properly. At a low height difference jump you would normally reach a 'wide' angle about about 7th pillar or so. But at a jump with big height difference you will gain speed much faster, which also means that you have to increase the angle faster, this doesn't mean going wide-angle after first pillar necessarily, but that you keep this in mind and increase the angle accordingly.

Again, a little summary:

Always keep moving your mouse!
Increase the angle according to your speed (b_drawspeed 1)!
And remember that at airstrafe (big height differences), the optimal angle will increase faster due to gaining speed faster!

Thats pretty much it!

Really not all too much more to say here, post at the forums or get someone to help you if you got problems.
This tuturial will probably be improved a little in time as well!