Halfbeat Tutorial

Halfbeat, also known as HB, is a pretty easy to learn technique, which in most cases gives good results after a short time.


When you jump halfbeat, you press W + A when moving left with your mouse, and D when moving to the right.

Generally, stuff about what creates and loses speed for fullbeat, all applies here too, so I wont re-write them all just for different keys.
So ook at fullbeat tutorial for more stuff!

W+A when going left, and D when going right means that you can hold W+D when going right and A when going left, as well.
Even though it might look like people who halfbeat don't move their mouse, you should always move it, just a little in many cases. But it should always be in motion!

More coming, maybe!

This mainly just to "show" the halfbeating technique. There will most likely be more info and stuff here in time.