Overbounce Tutorial

Overbounce (OB) is very simple, you can jump with any technique you want, but just press space a bit later than normally. Overbounce is a bug that will give you a boost when you land on different heights.


You NEED pmove_fixed 1 for overbounce to work!
You can jump with any technique, and still overbounce
Watch the video!

Vertical Overbounce (VOB)

Mainly look at the video for this. What you need is to bind a key to +strafe, and then not press any movement keys while falling, and only move your mouse..

1: \Bind X +strafe
2: Fall or jump off teh edge, depending on the jump.
3: Get your horizontal movement speed to 0, somehow. (e.g. by going into the corner in the video)
4: Hold X and move your mouse slowly in the direction you want to overbounce!
5: Don't press jump!