Timerun Mapping tutorial

This is simply a short explanation on how to create timeruns. Assumes you of course are familiar with mapping and alike.

First off, download the example, which contains an example map, a definition file, and a noreset shader.
Should be pretty self-explanatory where these files should go. Look at the map for how to use the timer entities and such.

Timer entities

There timer entities are target_startTimer, target_checkpoint, and target_stopTimer. Naturally you must create a trigger_multiple and point this to the target_* entities.

Apart from Q3 and such, you can have multiple timeruns inside one map with TJMod. The timeruns are fully separated by the "name" key. Every one of the timer entities should have a "name" set.
When you walk through a starttimer named "timerun 1" then only checkpoints with the same name will have any effect, and the timerun will only be finished when you walk into the target_stopTimer with the same name.
Any start, stops, or checkpoints with other names are ignored once a timerun is started. A definition file containing these entities so you can easier use them in radiant is included in the example.

Noreset Area

Normally when you start a timer, any saves are removed. But if you save inside a noreset field your saves wont be removed, but instead the timerun will be reset when you load into that area.
This is required since there are runs in which you would want the possibility to save and load, and if it was always a global noreset then the timerun would be reset once you loaded (e.g. chocojump, mj_b3 stonehenge, etc are places where this is obviously a nice feature.)
At most realmaps there is a global noreset area, since loading or saving in such a run would just result in a terrible time. But for runmaps it's most common to make a noreset area behind the start triggers, or in other words over the designated start area.
But you could just as well make a huge brush around your whole map in order to create a global noreset area at runmaps as well. The shader (and a texture if wanted) is included in the example.

Nosave Area

Players will not be able to save inside these areas.
A nosave area works the same way as a noreset area, make a brush, assign the common/nosave texture to it from the TJMod.shader in the example.