Wallstrafe Tutorial

Wallstrafe (WS) if the definately easiest trickjumping technique. Most people get it right pretty much instantly. This tutorial will cover both normal (W+A or W+D) and inverted (A or D) wallstrafe. Using W or S while wallstrafing is the same as for A and D, just different orientation. And S+D and S+A is like normal, just backwards.


Firstly, you need a jump with a wall next to it to wallstrafe, naturally!
To gain optimal speed, you should always move your mouse very slowly in the correct direction.
Though, as an important difference from normal techniques like fullbeat, you will keep gaining speed with wallstrafe, even if you don't move your mouse!
There is a specific angle from where you should start moving your mouse, and an angle you should not move past, read more about this below the video. Very important if you are to wallstrafe properly!
While wallstrafing, you don't switch in any way. No switching sides with the mouse and no switching keys.


Wallstrafe can easily give you nearly maximal speed, which means that most jumps will be overjumped while wallstrafing.
So, you have to limit your speed in most situations. This is the hard part of wallstrafe actually, because you will still gain speed even if you don't move your mouse. So the most proper way to control your speed is to move your mouse in the opposite direction, or make a quick, small move to the wrong side, so you'll either NOT gain speed, or lose some speed. Seeing as most jumps are imbalanced, you might have to lose a lot of speed in some cases.

I'm deeply sorry for the painfully ugly map used in the two first examples, but I told myself that I wouldn't make maps just to use them in these tutorials, and there's really few other maps where you don't have to slow down considerably. (Because few maps have all pads connected to the wall like this).
The example is from the first MEDIUM jump at eT_league, but the hard one is very possible too.


These images shows the optimal starting angle, and the final "perfect" angle so to say. When you reach the final angle, you'll lose speed if you keep moving your mouse! So it's important to not go too far, in other words you should keep an eye on your speed, and know roughly where this angle is, so you can stop before you go (too much) past it. If you notice youve gone past it, you should go back a little bit and then go the right way very slowly again, if needed!
Though, you'll either have finished the jump or before there has been a need to reach this angle, or you'll have to slow down so much that you'll not be able to reach it without overjumping.

Note: The "final" angle is actually just SLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHTLY wider than in these images, this is just the most perfect and precise angle the tjbot can handle! (something like half a degree..)