ProjectRIK - A new trickjump game!

TJMod 9 years old - April 13th 2018

It's now been 9 years to the day since the initial release of TJMod.

Uploaded some old files - March 12th 2013

Uploaded the old files so the website can act as an archive of sorts. The tutorials might still be useful for some..

TJMod development stopped early 2011, since then it has been split into two separate mods. These are ETRun (since summer 2012) for timeruns and ETJump (since summer 2011) for regular ET trickjumping.

Head over to Timeruns.net or ETJump.com for new stuff :)

APCup 2011 Finsihed! - March 20th 2011

APCup 2011 is finished. Gratz to Asda for winning and to Deathstar and usf for "trying their best". There's a chance a video will be made with all the #1 demos :)
Final records can be found here

About servers! - March 14th 2011

We have reached a limit. Not a pk3 limit, but a limit on actual files altogether, hence merging single pk3s into mappacks wont solve the problem. I made a fix, but requires new ET.exe clientside, so that's not gonna happen. Not sure if it's possible with only a serverside fix..

To the point, the AP servers have been split up. The server running on "trickjump.me" will have all the Q3 Maps. The new one running on "trickjump.me:27950" will have all maps made for TJMod / AP. Not perfect, but it's gotta be like that, at least for now :)

APCup 2011 running! - March 10th 2011

APCup 2011 is now running. /connect trickjump.me:2011 and remember to set tjkeys! :)

First map is over, records can be found here, and the records for the next maps will be added as they finish.

Official Maps! - March 7th 2011

This is the chance for all you mappers in ET to prove yourself to the world of trickjumpers. Next tjmod version will have official maps for ET's original physics, and you can give your map in as one of the official maps. Being official maps, there are some requirements for the maps to have..

APCup 2011! - February 14th 2011

APCup starting 10th March 2011 (duh). 2 days per map. Besides that it'll be basically same routine as last time, unless some1 has some other ideas.. Spam them here or to usf or "own/timothy/#:O" as he likes to call himself :p

I'm making a map. Stealth is making a map. Flex with a z, trifolium or "runaos" as I've been told his main nick is whom I didn't even know was playing AP again wb btw, and the dear ninja, are also making maps.

TJMod 1.6.6 Released! - November 20th, 2010

Only bugfixes, no changes in gameplay or such. For the first time since 1.6.3, this version has been tested with linux, so everone should go ahead and upgrade.

Hi2u! - November 13th, 2010

Up and running again, might be some minor downtime now and then the following week due to more messing around..

The TJme AP server is at

On another note, the forum should be TECHNICALLY SOMEWHAT PROPERLY FUNCTIONAL again.. Earlier the administration and email parts were pretty much corrupt. That's fixed now, still some small parts here and there which I'll be fixing during the weeked, but I'm just putting it up now regardless :-)

Downtime notice! - November 1st, 2010

The server, meaning both the website and the game servers will be down for, well, 1-2 days most likely, could be far less, could be a couple more in worst case but I don't think so. I'm not sure exactly WHEN, could be today, or could be this weeked or early next week, I'm not sure yet. Just to let you know it'll happen.

Anyways, a day or two or so downtime coming this week or next :)

O ye, of little faith! - October 19th, 2010

I've now run an update of the TJme, eT, FUBR and 999 AP records, and will keep running it at least weekly or possibly enable it automatically :)

TJMod 1.6.5 Released! - August 5th, 2010

Fixed the bugs in 1.6.4 + some more, ob detection (TJ_drawob 1), and some div stuff.. It should also run on Linux this time :P

Some general updates - August 1st, 2010

Hiho :-)

Due to many reasons, I haven't gotten as much done as I thought I would during this summer, neither with TJGame nor the new website system. But they're both still well on their way. Main focus at the moment is the new website system, which will hopefully be up and running before September. And I'm going to open a private "alpha" of TJGame when I'll start wanting some input and testing there, probably October or November to be realistic : - )

On a TJMod related note, considering the low low participation in both zero's APCup and HuPo's TJ contest, I'm not gonna bother much with TJMod from now on (even less). Especially seeing as the only relevantly active scene there now seems to be in general gamma jumping for the definite most part.
When the new system comes, AP records will still be streaming again though, and I will also release 1.6.5 this week. Thought what work I'll put in there compared to others' expectations (ob detector, trivial bugfixes, and camtrace possibly), I'm not quite sure yet. Might leave that up to Zero <3 But it will have fixed the "head bug" and it will also run on Linux, and include the fixes from 1.6.4 obviously.

So in short, 1.6.5 coming this week, new website system this month, and public TJGame beta this year. =)

huPo's TJ Contest - July 15th, 2010

huPo is running a TJ contest, with normal ET physics, and TJMod only.
The goal is essentially to record the best demo you can and then send it in for voting. What you do in the demo is up to you, obviously it has to be a trickjump of some sort, and preferably a quite impressive one to have a chance to win, for example a very hard realjump.

AP Cup 2010 - July 4th, 2010

Ok here goes, by Zero's initiative, say hello to AP Cup 2010 :-)

The cup will start at Sunday 11th July (Around 17:00 GMT+1) and continue from there on. There will be made 5 maps only for the purpose of this cup. Each map will run for 3 days. Meaning first map will start 11th July at 17:00 and end Wednesday 14th July at 17:00, at which point the 2nd map will start running etc. These maps will run on a separate server, which will run only one map at a time with all voting disabled and so forth.

During the game on the server, no records will be shared by the game. In other words, no one will be able to see any of your records until the map has finished running, and spectating will be disabled together with players being visible. The records will be saved as usual, and made public after each map is finished. The records will be added to a separate database, in other words it won't have anything to do with the current AP records.

The point system will work a bit differently from how it normally does. Every map will be as if it had 100 records, so #1 will get 100 points, #2 99 points, #3 98 points and so forth. This is done to make every map count the same when it's all added together.

TJMod 1.6.4 Released! - June 24th, 2010

Due to some bugs which has recently started to be abused, I've fixed up a new tjmod which fixes those issues and a few others.
Among few other things, this fixes the voting and referee issue, the referee "hack" giving unauthorized players referee status, the ability to crash and lag servers with namechanges, and the ability to spam players with specinvites.

New server! - 6th June 2010

Trickjump.me and the AP server have now moved to a dedicated server with its own 100mbit connection.

There's also a VQ3 server up and running per request, which is essentially AP without the aircontrol and upmovefix.

During the next weeks, updates, changes, and alike, will be implemented to the website, probably along with some testing.. So don't be surprised by brief 1 minute downtimes and alike during restarts and such :-)

In other news, the old maplist which connected to the servers with FTP and listed maps live, is now gone. All maps from TJme servers (official AP and VQ3), 999 servers, FUBR servers and eT servers have been made available directly through the download section under Maps. For now the list will be "as is", but I'll make some way of keeping it up to date down the line, so new maps will be included too.

A small update :) - 27th February 2010

Been newsless for quite some time now, so figured I'd write a little update. First off, Feengur is still working on the new TJMod, which mainly he'll be making the changes in.
After he's finished, which shouldn't be too long from the time of writing this, I'll be adding a few things into the next version too. And after which the site will be given a few updates as well.

Considering the TJ game for those who know about it, between work and everything else I simply haven't had the time nor motivation to spend what time I have to spare working on it. But it's not such a bad thing. The game is currently being built on Xreal, which itself has quite a few bugs unfortunantly, regarding the map editor and such things mainly. So the longer it takes before I finish the game, the more bugfixes they'll make for that stuff. And as far as I remember the ID Tech 4 engine is planned for release in 2010 as well, which will only count for good.
So in short, I got little time and I'm not pushing to get anything done, since as I wait essential things are getting done for me. Hence I'm not really expecting anything extraordinary to happen on that front until late summer this year, maybe a beta or something along those lines then :) For now, play some fun slots.

On another note, I've started working on two new AP maps, which will be done in a couple of weeks I guess, at least one of them.

Lastly, coming to think of it, I DO have roughly 200 assorted gammas laying around, and a few maps which would need finishing... Anyone with some mapping background and motivation is free to announce interest in this. Eventually I might sort out what gammas belong to me, and either finish them\end them as they are, and release them, or just zip it all together and make the mapsources public so whoever wants to can make something out of it..

TJMod 1.6.3 Released! - November 11th, 2009

TJMod 1.6.3 is out, 1.6.2 was not released since it was more like a 'public test' because I knew there would be issues to fix.
Among the new things is tj_autodemo which will automatically record temporary demos while doing timeruns, and when a run is finished it will save the demo with the time and run name and so forth in its filename.
Also panzerfaust will now work as 'rockets' so Q3 Rocketruns are now playable, panzers will automatically be added and given when there is a "weapon_rocketlauncher" entity in the map, give this entity a "count" key to specify how much ammo to give with the panzerfaust.
Also some minor bugfixes like case-insensitivity at tjg_blockedmaps and so forth :)

TJMod 1.6.1 Released! - November 2nd (20 hours later), 2009

TJMod 1.6.1 with the things I forgot to add in 1.6.0. Which is tjg_blockedMaps where server admins can add names of any maps they don't want to be voted, and tjg_holdDoorsOpen to prevent doors from closing (e.g. in timeruns where multiple players will cause doors to close in front of you.

TJMod 1.6.0 Released! - November 2nd, 2009

TJMod 1.6.0 features a few bugfixes and added features like seeing the time of people you spectate, automatically checking if the map being voted is on the server before starting the vote, tj_hideme setting to completely hide you from all other players, and more.
Also includes a few requested mapping features, trigger_savereset and noexplosives key for worldspawn which (if server allows) will disable panzer, grenade, and such explosive weapons, and a script-related fix.
Pending bugfixes, this wlll probably the the last TJMod release for some time :)

Some record system changes - October 20th, 2009

First of all, all shorties records will now be ignored by the main record system, due to the map never being intended for AP and a few other reasons, the toplist for shorties can be viewed separately.

There has also been one other change, before being 1/1, in other words the only player with a record at a run gave you 1-1 = 0 points, now it will give you 1 point.
This is to encourage more people playing new maps and to award the people who already do :)

TJMod 1.5.2 Released! - October 14th, 2009

TJMod 1.5.2 is now released, featuring a few bugfixes and it will now write and update records locally. E.g. if a new record is set at a map, the record is saved locally on the server and will be there next time the map loads, toggled with tjg_localRecords and enabled by default.
This has no effect on the previous record writing, or on streaming servers. This just uses the existing system with timeruns/mapname.rec and now writes records when set instead of just being able to get updated files from the website.

Dinirun 8! - October 8th, 2009

Released Dinirun 8 finally, a Q3 version is probably on its way as well.

APFrag - ETPub with AP! - August*, 2009

I made a modification of ETPUB a couple of months back, because some people thought it would be fun to frag some in ET with different physics. It adds AP to ETPub, meaning aircontrol and flat ground jumping, and also fixes the predtiction errors in etpub. There's also some modifications to the stamina, it depletes slower and will recharge faster depending on the battle sense level. Fall damage \ stopping is also gone. Besides that it's pure etpub.

Anyways, I called it "APFrag" then and can't be bothered to recompile, but it's really just etpub with some minor changes :)

Official mapscripts! - October 3rd, 2009

I figured I'd release the official mapscripts for TJMod which scripts timeruns into the official maps. (oasis, goldrush, etc, frostbite, adlernest, barundorf_b4, bremen, supply, delivery)
Timerunning with AP and these scripts will be enabled too (with the record system).

Download the Official Mapscripts

TJMod 1.5.1 Released! - October 2nd, 2009

TJMod 1.5.1 is now released.

Some new stuff:

More integrated with online records, prints a banner (tj_bptimes, tj_cpmtimes to re-enable old mode) when someone breaks global #1 records or sets a record for the first time at timerun maps (added banner print).
(playerside) Timer with checkpoints and additional features.
Fixed ability to abuse save with crouch and prone to get a bugged start (all bugged times will be removed soon).
Nosave area (check: timerun mapping)
Grapical drawspeed aka etpro's speedometer only way better :P (only for non-timerun maps due to performance issues)
Div drawing options for speed, startspeed, average speed, moved distance.

TJMod 1.4.2 Released! - September 8th, 2009

TJMod 1.4.2 is now released, fixing a couple of minor bugs allowing faster runs at one map, and a couple of security issues.

TJMod 1.4.1 Released! - September 5th, 2009

TJMod 1.4.1 is now released, and hopefully all bugs in 1.4.0 is fixed.

Some clientside things to check out:

- TJ_DrawTimer 1
- TJ_DrawSpeed2 1
- When you load, you will load the view angles you had when you saved. (can be disabled with tj_loadviewangles 0)

And of course, remember to set your TJKey! :P
The new record system will be up later today.

Info about AP Record system and TJMod 1.4.0 - September 4th, 2009

Within a few days, the current AP record system will be archived.
All streaming will be discontinued and the record database will be saved as it is now, and kept on the site accessible as "AP Records Archive" or something along those lines.

Then TJMod 1.4.0 will be released and put up at all streaming servers, featuring quite a few improvements regarding timeruns.

There are a few reasons for archiving the current records. Mainly because in the new TJMod, prejumping is disabled, hence beating the prejumped times is pretty much impossible at quite a few maps. More detailed records and stats will also be available, and even more in the future. Rushing the release a bit in order to get the new system running.

Registration will also be required in order to get your records added to the system. You will have to register in order to get a "tjkey", which you'll then have to add ingame by doing /tjkey XXXXXXXXXX or adding it in your config.
This will enable you to use any name while having a tjkey set, and still getting the records added with the name you registered the tjkey with. For example when I register "Dinius" and I get a generated TJKey and set it ingame, I can play with any name and set records, and the records will be added with the name "Dinius".

TJMod 1.3.1 Released! - July 27th, 2009

TJMod 1.3.1 is now the latest official release. Most changes are regarding timeruns and new physics.

The new physics, named Advanced Physics, is basically ET with flat ground jumping and aircontrol.
This means that you can use A\D to make turns in the air, and W to correct your movement direction, in a similar fashion to CPM in Q3 DeFRaG for those familiar with that. None of it is copied from Q3 and it's not aimed towards being a Q3 copy either, it's intended to be ET with a bit more interesting physics. The physics can be enabled server-side by setting \physics 3.

Say hello to Timeruns - July 14th, 2009

The new version of TJMod (1.2.2) has timeruns, similar to defrag and alike. For those who doesn't already know, the point of this is to compete for the best times at different runs. There's already quite a few maps made explicitly for timeruns, and there's new scripted timeruns for realmaps daily, e.g. from Allies first spawn at oasis to the old city wall.

All records set while logged in are added to the online record system.
There is also an overall ranking, which can be seen here.
Currently it's only the records set on the official TJMod servers which are added to the online record systems, due to the possibility to fake records, but the timeruns and such are still usable on any server

To login you simply do /login in the console, this removes some of your general abilities like noclip and forces your speed to be reset when you load, and basically makes everything a little stricter so the chance of abusing or exploiting anything in order to get better times are minimized. Automatic login for any timerun map can be enabled with tj_autologin 1.
Saving and loading is always enabled, for those of you new to this it means that you can save your position, and then load it whenever you wish, so you don't have to walk back to the specific place or related.

Normally when you start a timer, all your previous saves are removed, to prevent saving in front of the stoptimer in order to get a very fast time. But we have created something we call "noreset" areas, at most realmaps there is a global noreset area. A noreset area means that your saves inside this area won't be removed when you start a timerun, but instead the timerun will be reset when you load. So when you load, it will be as if you didn't start the timerun, and this makes it impossible to exploit anything with saving and loading.

ET is 6 years old - May 29th, 2009

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is 6 years old today! :)

DiniJumps2 beta 1 - May 18th, 2009

Released beta version of DiniJumps2. Final version coming eventually, but I don't have the determination to finish it at the moment.

TJMod 1.1.1 - May 14th, 2009

New version of TJMod. Including a few bugfixes and some added referee functionality and so forth.

TJMod 1.0.2 released! - April 13th, 2009

TJMod is a new Trickjumping Mod for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. It's based on the original etmain source and it includes a lot of bugfixes and enhancements. All aimed towards making a mod to give an optimal trickjumping experience. Read more about all this and more on the forum!

Some key features:

save / load which removes your speed when you load.
Instant spawn. There IS no spawntime!
Ability to show keypresses. Will show the keys pressed by the person you spectate, and it also has multiple keysets. Configurable on client-side and will work in any demos recorded with TJMod. (Tj_drawkeys)
Cgaz hud to show (near) perfect strafing angles. (Only works with forwards fullbeat at the moment)
Score table which shows the pmove_fixed and FPS settings of all players.
Unlimited adrenaline.
Permanent Nofatigue, with client-side toggle to turn it on or off (tj_nofatigue)
Server-side ability to disable all ending of maps (sets unlimited timelimit and disables wm_endround)
Hardcoded ws and callvote exploit fixes.
Speedometer (tj_drawspeed)
Clock (tj_drawclock)
Custom mapscript support, inlcuding a fixed script for nejijump5_b5.
Very easy to set up, all server-side settings are prefixed with TJG_ and all client-side with TJ_. Type tj_ and then press tab in the console to list all settings, same with tjg_ (if you're on local server).
Server-side setting to enable /god and /noclip without enabling sv_cheats. (tjg_noclip and tjg_god)
Open source!
More features, ideas and fixes coming pretty much every day!

The mod is created and actively under development by me (Dinius), Setup, and Zero.

April 3rd, 2009

Fullbeat, Halfbeat, Overbounce and Wallstrafe tutorials are up! Other styles (inverted, dualbeat, and a bunch of other varieties) is coming soon!